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Christine Ilewski

Upcycled Fiber Series


  Mixed Media  72 x 68" 

© Christine Ilewski


  Mixed Media  48 x 24" 

© Christine Ilewski


Dream Play Chloe

  Mixed Media  32 x 32" 

© Christine Ilewski


Dream Play Mariah

  Mixed Media  32 x 32" 

© Christine Ilewski

Blood from a Stone

  Mixed Media  36 x 48" 

© Christine Ilewski


Artist's Statement

My work has always been “personal” despite the constant advice against it. I work from my center: my experience as a woman, a mother, a wife; a domestic, intimate life.   I often incorporate found personal objects, or paint on these objects such as curtains and tablecloths.   I have long been fascinated in the way we leave a bit of our spirit on the things we touch and how these things tell our story after we’re gone.

Is it personal? Yes. How can my audience feel moved by my work if I don’t first feel strongly moved to make it?

Christine received her BFA in Prints and Drawing in 1988 from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI; and her MFA in Prints in 1989 from the University of Southern Illinois;   In 1990, she received her BS in Art Education from the University of Southern Illinois and in 1994 another MFA in painting from Lindenwood College in St. Charles, MO.  Her exhibition history follows: 

2012 Contemporary Women Artists XVI, Longevity, St Louis University Museum of Art, juried

2012 Lay of the Land, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, juried

2012 Feminine Perspectives 5 at Black Door Gallery, Cape Girardeau, MO, invitational

2012 National Crime Victims Rights Week Art Exhibit, Vaughn Cultural Center, juried

2012 Life Blood Exhibit, Black Door Gallery, invitational, curated by Jennifer Weigel,

2012 Loosey Goosey Zine, Chicago, IL "Puppet Master"

2011 The Other Picture, University of Missouri at St. Louis, Gallery FAB, Sept. 24-Nov. 20, invitational, Curated by Michael Behle, Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

2011 National WCA Conference on Art and Social Justice, Regional Arts Center, St. Louis, MO

2011 Contemporary Narrative, Foundery Art Centre, St. Charles, MO June 19- July 29, 2011, juried

2009-2010 Faces: Portraits of Children Murdered by hand guns, (ongoing solo project) exhibited at the Foundry Art Center, St. Charles, MO, juried by Yolanda Lopez

2009 Ossia Fine Art Space, Chicago, IL, group summer exhibit

2009 Swanson Reed Gallery, Louisville, KY, group exhibit

2009 Brewington Gallery, St. Louis, MO, group exhibit

2009 Jacoby Art Center, Alton, IL, Award of Excellence invitational

2008 Florissant Valley Com. College, Solo Exhibit

2008 Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL Emerging Artists exhibit

2008-2009  B Studio, Three Oaks, MI, summer group exhibit

2008 Ossia Fine Arts Space, Chicago, IL, Solo exhibit,

2008-2010 WCA International Show, St. Louis, juried

2007 St. Louis Speaks Up, Democracy Now, St. Louis Regional Arts Center, invitational

2007 Gallery of Contemporary Art at Forest Park CC, St. Louis, MO, Solo Exhibit

2007 Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, juried

2006 IL State Gallery-Rend Lake, Color It Pink, Invitational

2005 Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, Watercolor USA, Juried

2005 Left Bank Books, St. Louis, MO, Solo Exhibit

2004 Northbrook Art Assoc. Northbrook, IL ,Lit, Liberty and Art, juried, poster image

2004 Mosaique Gallery,  St. Louis, MO, Solo Exhibit

2003 Women’s Institute and Gallery, New Harmony, IN, Solo Exhibit

2003 Saint Louis Univ. Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, Invitational

2002-2010 IL State Galleries, R.J. Thompson Center, Rend Lake, Springfield; IL State Artisan 2002

2002 WCA, MO, IA, IL, NA, Daughters, Invitational, traveling 1999

2001-3, 2005   Mitchell Museum, Southern IL Biennial, Mt. Vernon, IL Juried

2001 Park Avepnue Gallery, St. Louis, MO—Solo Exhibit

2001 Pensacola Art Museum, Pensacola, FL—Invitational

2001 Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL—Invitational

2001 Millstone Gallery, St. Louis, MO, Dance of Intimacy—Solo Exhibit

2001 Lemp Gallery, St. Louis, MO, Venus Envy III—Invitational

2000 Innsbrook Conference Center, Innsbrook, MO—St. Louis Women Artist Exhibit curated by Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, St. Louis Art Museum—Invitational

2000 JCC Gallery Show, St. Louis, MO–The Eye of the Beholder–Solo Exhibit

2000 Park Avenue Gallery, St. Louis, MO – Solo Exhibit 

2000 Skokie Art Center, Chicago, IL—Juried

2000 Lemp Gallery, St. Louis, MO Venus Envy II—Invitational

2000 15th Annual Greater Midwest International Show, Warrensburg, MO–Juried

1999 North Gallery, St. Louis, MO—Solo Exhibit

1999 St. Louis Artist Guild, St. Louis, MO—Missouri Millennium—Juried

1999 WCA International Show, St. Louis, MO—Contemporary Women Artists XI—Juried

1999 Arts Vision Inc., Chicago, IL—The World of the Spiritual—reviewed

1998 Art St. Louis at Hot Locust, St. Louis, MO—Solo Exhibit

1997-1998 Art St. Louis XIII, St. Louis, MO—Juried           

1997 Towata Gallery, Alton, IL—Solo Exhibit

1997 University of Missouri/Columbia, Columbia, MO—Missouri Women in the Arts—Invitational



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