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Here Comes the Sun

Artists support orphans in Ukraine



This exhibition features photographs of orphaned Ukrainian children and refugees by Ukrainian photographers printed on sheet metal (Yuliya Bulgakova, Andriy Dubchak, Maks Levin, Grzegorz Litynski, Rusian Lytvyn and Anatolii Stepanov), along with paintings and mixed media images of Sunflowers by Chicago area artists and young artists from the Lincoln Terrace Art Studio & Gallery in Skokie, IL.   


The Sunflower represents the global symbol of resistance, unity and hope for the Ukrainian people. 


This exhibition is sponsored in part by SPARTAN SWORD, a federal non-profit that supports the mental health and well being of veterans and first responders; and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


on Exhibition December 6, 2022

through January 21, 2023


Free Artists Reception:  Sun. Dec. 18, 2022 (noon - 2 pm)


Profits raised go to support Ukrainian orphanages.  



The exhibition is on display beginning December 6, 2022.  This date is also Ukrainian Armed Forces Day.  It recognizes the men and women serving in the Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy who protect Ukraine and its citizens.   The free art reception on December 18, 2022 is in anticipation of Saint Nicholas Day celebration in Ukraine when children are given special gifts.   Sales of artwork and donations collected will support Ukrainian orphanages.


at exhibit at

Devonshire Cultural Center

4400 Greenwood St., Skokie, IL

The building is handicap accessible.  Admission to the exhibition is FREE.    

Phone 224-432-4240 for more information.

Orphaned Ukranian Children, Color Photo, printed on metal sheeting, size 16 x 24"

Photographer Maks Levin

Ukrainian photographer Maks Levin was found dead near Kyiv on April 1st, 2022.  He was found in an area near where he had been documenting Russian war crimes in the town of Bucha.  Maks was shot twice by Russian soldiers.  In honor of Maks, donations for Mak’s family and his four children can be made through Spartan Sword:


Kyiv (capitol of Ukraine), B/W Photo by Kostianyn Sova, size 16 x 24"


Each day, trains at Lviv station transport thousands of Ukrainian refugees to Poland as they flee the war.  

Cool Bear at Lviv, color photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"


Boarding the train in Lviv.   Color photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"


Children are housed in temporary shelters upon arrival.

No Home.  No School.   Color Photo by Andriy Dubchak, Size 16 x 24"


Countless volunteers provide refugees with assistance including food, shelter, medical and psychological aid.

Thankful.  Color Photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"


Into the Unknown.  Color Photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"

Each day, over 10,000 Ukrainian refugees flee the country.


Fleeing to Poland.   Color Photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"


Lviv Playground.    Color Photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"


Rescued.   Color Photo by Anatolii Stepanov  Size 16 x 20"


Chernihiv.   Color Photo by Yuliya Bulgakova   Size 16 x 24"

In Chernihiv, Russian forces bombed residential areas, killing thousands of Ukrainian civilians.


Arriving in Przemysl, Poland, B/W Photo by Grzegorz Litynski  Size 16 x 24"


Snowfall in Lviv.   Color Photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 24"

The Lviv train station provides transportation for refugees fleeing the war.


Refugees.   Color Photo by Rusian Lytvyn, size 16 x 20"





Grandmother's Garden

Collage, 12 x 14"

Alexa Frangos



Paper, Acrylic on Canvas

Laura Frisch



Acrylic on Canvas

Tiger Lily Cross


Symphony of Flowers

Mixed Media

Marsha Ercegovic



Symphony of Flowers

Mixed Media

Itala Langmar




Iliana Cordona


Still Life with Sunflowers

Acrylic, 24 x 18"

Leonid Osseny



Acrylic, 36 x 36"

Leonid Osseny







Tempera on Paper

17  x 14"

Collective Work



Tempera on Paper

14 x 17"

Paskal, Age 7


Acrylic on  Canvas

11 x 14"

Sanaya, Age 13


Red Sunflower

Tempera on Paper

14 x 17"

Braeden, Age 8

Sunflowers in Vase

Tempera on Paper

14 x 17"

Akira, Age 6





Tempera on Paper

14 x 17"

Chelsey, Age 8


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This project is sponsored in part by Spartan Sword, the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency and the Skokie Park District.


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