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Molly J. Schiff


Enlightened Mannequins II   Oil on Treated Paper Board   29 x 32" Molly Schiff

Studio Hangings   Oil on Canvas   34 x 46"  Molly Schiff


Studio Props Doubled   Watercolor  23 x 18"   Molly Schiff

And In the Beginning - From The Last Supper that "for every ending, there is a beginning"   Oil   46 x 56"  Molly Schiff

Lost Warriors  Oil on Canvas   60 x 52"  Molly Schiff

Our thoughts and prayers go to Molly's family on her recent passing.    Her works may still be available for purchase through this website via her estate.

Artist's Statement/Bio

"About Art: 'Art is everything' or 'Art is nothing' or 'Art is decorative' or 'Art is sensual' or 'Art is meaningful' .... and on and on are the many comments from patrons, museum directors, curators, gallery dealers, general public, family and friends ... all of whom have various concepts / definitions / rationales about philosophical art values.  But what does ART mean to me, the painter - the person?!   The answers are in the work ... during the activity.   I don't stop to define ... only to view, to perceive and, perhaps, to intuitively analyze ... but mainly to continue the activity!! Everything becomes automatic when it goes well. Everything becomes ineffective when it doesn't go well; and then, I put it away and turn to another painting-drawing-print .... or to nothing; but ART is always with me ... a life style in most endeavors .... a part of the whole!   I must, therefore, do my work within a framework that is dictated by knowledge, experience and mood. These three segments of my being occasionally stir me independently.   More often, they are a harmonious blend. "

Molly draws inspiration from her extensive travels to 90 countries around the world and within the USA.  Molly received a MAE, BFA and MFA and Post Grad work from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.    She has also attended post graduate studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology.   Her artwork has been exhibited in Chicago at The Art Institute of Chicago, Loyola Museum of Fine Art (LUMA), the Illinois State Museum, the Spertus Museum, Balzekas Museum, the Chicago Cultural Center; and elsewhere at the Cong. Beth Shalom, in Naperville, Il; the Temple Israel Museum in Bloomingdale, Michigan;  the Jewish Federation in South Bend, Indiana; the Freeport Art Museum; the University of South Carolina, Stanislaus State College in CA;  the Art Heritage Gallery in India; and the United States Arts in The Embassies.

Recent Exhibitions:   2018 - Chicago Society of Artists in  Gallery Seven at Lockport, Illinois in the Gaylord Bldg.

1/2018 - 2/2018 The Arts Club of Chicago's 88th Biennial Exhibition of Professional Artist Club Members - Main Floor Gallery



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