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Renee LaVerne Rose

Pampering FeFe and Tony   Oil on Canvas   30 x 40" ©  Renee LaVerne Rose

Purple Passion   Oil on Canvas   36 x 48"  © Renee LaVerne Rose


White Peonies   Oil on Canvas   36 x 24"   © Renee LaVerne Rose

Two Persimmons   Oil on Canvas   20 x 24"  ©  Renee LaVerne Rose

Divine Light Shines Through  Oil on Canvas  24 x 36"  © Renee LaVerne Rose


The Peaceful Nature of Things    Oil on Canvas    24 x 36"  © Renee LaVerne Rose


Have an Apple  Oil on Canvas  20 x 24"  © Renee LaVerne Rose


Lillies #3   Oil on Canvas    24 x 18"    © Renee LaVerne Rose


Birds of Paradise  Oil on Canvas  12 x 12"  © Renee LaVerne Rose

A Peaceful Moment  Oil on Canvas  12 x 12"  © Renee LaVerne Rose



Renée LaVerné Rose




Renée LaVerné Rose is an emerging artist who is originally from the Chicago and currently resides in Glencoe, Illinois.  Renée LaVerné describes herself as a renaissance woman from being exposed by her parents to continual intellectually stimulation, traveling internationally to experience cultural diversity, enjoying all visual and performing arts, and encouraging herself to become fully engaged in the world around her.

 In the midst of a successful career, Renée LaVerné enrolled in an oil painting workshop thinking this was only for relaxation.  Renée LaVerné always saw herself in relation to the arts as the observer not the performer. Yet viola! Her life has been positively redefined through visuals arts and she has found more inner peace, tranquility and great clarity. 

Ms. Rose is currently pursuing her passion as a visual artist. She has drawn from her rich life experience and her inner strength to create her portfolio of works.  Renée LaVerné is usually working on several bodies of work concurrently.  Once she is focused on a theme, she is hopeful that her body of works will convene positive energy and thoughts. Her desire is to enrich peoples' lives through her creative expression and her work to be a safe haven where people can escape their own realities.

At this stage in her life success is traveling her journey as an artist with integrity, trust, and love. As an intricate part of her career, Renée LaVerné will continue to promote visual arts to the general public as beneficial to the well-being of mankind.  Only through this path and inner strength can she feel free to paint on her canvas of life.



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